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Terms & Conditions

Important Words:-

The terms and conditions outlined in this document, the following terms, unless contrary to the context, does not specify the meaning of “you” means the booking of a person whose name and / or on its behalf. Alternatively, reference third person can be created as the “Tour Participant” / “they” / “customer” / “He/She” / “them” / “her”. “We” / “US” / “Company” means, whose brand is owned and operated by its “Avichal Srishtisutra Infotainment Private Limited” parent company. “Baby”, “child” means less than one person under the age of two years, respectively, and two years and under the age of twelve years is a person. “Contractor” / “supplier” means the supplier of any infrastructure and includes hotel management, airlines, caterers, restaurants, theme parks, museums, shipping art galleries etc. The company, train, ferry, cruise, coach.


We take proper care to learn how to prepare brochures, price grid, Web pages and other documents and services. However, we are not responsible for any typographic / printing errors. Also, brochures are several months may already been printed and content can not be completely updated. So we ask you to confirm the current information you contact us. Please note that you can change the itinerary. May change in products and services. Pictures of food / travel destinations can only for reference and the actual food may differ from / Sights distance between the location and temperature estimated travel, change depending on road conditions and climate change. The hotel can be booked far from the city center.

Changes in Itinerary

We reserve the right to make changes in travel before the trip or during the package and change the itinerary, modify, change or modify. When booking or prior to the departure of the tour, we will use reasonable efforts to promptly notify such changes / events. If during such changes / events tour, our tour manager or local representative will inform you about the changes on the spot and we will ask for your full cooperation in accepting such circumstantial changes. So, no complaints about any program / service changes that we are obliged to make, will be considered by the participants during the trip or during the trip. Please note that different rules may be conditions which will be in addition to these terms and conditions and booking deposit, payment, deadline and can be defined in the payment of such promotions requirements in terms of which the promotional offer more and Conditions Force Majiar events, attacks, fairs, festivals, sporting events, weather conditions, traffic problems, exaggerate hotels / flights, blown Cancellation / re-routing of aircraft or train, there are changes due to factors beyond our control such as closure may be necessary.

As restricted entry common place of sightseeing, we try to avoid dates when big fairs, exhibitions and other programs now before many years because they were held in a few cities in time. If you can change is required to travel on the dates you points of entry and exit in a city / country may be optional hotel or motel in other cities because of airline requirements. We can amend the change direction can operate more than one coach in each departure date property or itinerary. The trip may require changes in programs or can be caused by the actions of participants in the tour, actions, omissions or conditions.

We will use reasonable efforts to keep unchanged the overall package of services. However, we will not be liable to pay any compensation due to any change in the refund or visit any sum. If alternative arrangements are compared to the options described in the brochure are the best physically, during the time of booking or trip we can take charge.

General Notice Regarding Booking

Please keep in mind that the contents of brochures / travel program, ‘Terms and Conditions’, how to book terms, the price grid and other documents, which apply, please become a part of your contract with them all. For bookings affecting real influence, we may need to sign a reservation form and other documents, as we ‘Terms and Conditions’, ‘how to book’ rules and price grid ‘(‘ including collectively form) document ‘). Upon executing booking documents and determine whether to pay the non-refundable interest-free booking amount, binding contract comes into existence. We will provide sure before you booking recommend and / or have all the necessary documents to be able to travel. Please check with our staff to find out the visit and / or required documents through our Web site.

Helicopter Packages

In the event you are booking any product including helicopter services such as pilgrimage, Mata Vaishnodevi, Kailash Mansarovar tour etc. This time will be according to the conditions of time / availability season. Booking and / or any other legal requirements the customer is due to such can not be responsible / liable for any event, any event that the company is beyond control. If the helicopter service is unused for any reason, including the aforesaid reasons, the company shall not be liable for any refund.

Online Booking Terms:-

Although you may book online your tour / services through our website to provide our tourism and facilitate the online booking services, we or software can not provide any guarantee or warranty regarding the website booking engine network errors, including may worsen due to the well-known reasons. We do this to ensure that you went put your payment information secure and confidential, include all modern security techniques. It is clear that to confirm the terms and conditions, as follows, online booking will be effective. On our website during the online booking, we will have the opportunity to go through the terms and conditions and privacy policy, which is displayed on our website and you will need to confirm and accept the online booking.

In addition, you must acknowledge via email to its terms and conditions, which you read the other applicable documents, including terms and conditions, brochures and / or itinerary and / or value grid and / or promotion guide, understanding and acknowledged. We will need a copy of the final two pages of your passport’s first two pages to register any person / person for any tour to show the date of your passport, place and issue date and expiration, if necessary without or assigning any reason the right to reject the company to cancel your registration is safe.

A / member (s) can sign the booking documents in your favor. More than one but booking is no sign booking documents in the case of all tour participants designated form, it shall be deemed that the signatory thus to sign on behalf of the participants of the tour and accordingly it shall be deemed to that participants of the tour signed the booking documents. Your travel agent can sign booking documents on your behalf.

Cancellation / Amendment By Company

We reserve the rights to amend or cancel the tour booked by you without assigning any reason. Such modification or cancellation can be caused by conditions beyond our control such cases, we will offer you alternative travel dates / tours or you have the option to visit as individual passengers, not part of the original travel In form of. If the alternative date / Travel is not acceptable or if you do not want to travel as individual travelers, we do after you cut any costs incurred on your behalf, including cruise costs, airlines, permit / visa. Etc. However, we will not be responsible or liable for the back to pay any compensation or damages or consequential loss or any other expenses that you made.

Cancellation Of Booking By You

Do you want to cancel your booking, you must notify us in writing. Such information, we will only be given from the date of receipt of your letter, because we can only act on the receipt. Please provide a reason for its cancellation because it may be covered under your insurance policy. Claims should be directed directly to your insurance company. Cancellation charge will apply the following cancellation due to even ground and airfare package. You understand and acknowledge that there is a realistic estimate of the damage to these charges will suffer due to cancel us. These losses that you understand is called damage, were destroyed in legal language, which are payable without proof of actual loss. You agree not to claim evidence to dispute such deduction or actual damages. In case of cancellation, will apply the following cancellation charges.

For packages:When a cancellation is made, Cancellation charges per person are-

Before the departure date of the trip or 30 days within a set time limit for payment of outstanding travel costs or earlier- 20% of the Tour Cost
15-29 days prior to the date of departure of the tour- 50% of the Tour Cost
14 to 07 working days prior to the date of departure of the Tour- 75% of the Tour Cost
Less than 06 working days prior to the date of departure of the Tour- 100% of Tour Cost

NOTE: Apart from this in the case of third party products, the rules relating to cancellation and the cancellation schedule prescribed by the concerned third party service provider would be applicable.

It may also be due to the inability to attend for any reason, including a clear understanding of the purpose of this section of cancellation for any reason of illness, death, court orders, travel documents is available between the parties. If you want to cancel your booking, you must inform us of the following methods so, provided that this information should be given within hours of work on a working day on by email.

Privacy Of Information

We attempt to support the right not to be public of the personal knowledge on condition that by you. however, it would be necessary for us to part this knowledge with cruise companies, air-transport businesses, hotels and other arm givers who would be making ready you arm during the journey. We would also be limited to give news such news given if we get an order of the Court 1, a requisition from any government or rule-given authority, Subpoena 2, or where under any laws, rules or rules, such Disclosure 3 becomes necessary. You be in agreement to let us camera picture and / or videograph the journey and specially you be in agreement to let us camera picture and / or videograph you in the direction of the journey. You be in agreement to let us put into print such camera pictures / videographs through all thing by which something is done including print thing by which something is done, places in the net, letters, emails and so on. You also be in agreement to let us unbroken bands over wheels for moving over rough earth use statistics 4. You be in agreement and take in that all such camera pictures and / or videographs and statistics are our unlimited property and we have the unlimited right to use them for any within the law purposes including advertisement and trading, business like purposes. further, you be in agreement that if you give part with us any camera pictures and / or videographs taken by you during the journey, we would be free to put into print such camera pictures and / or videographs through all thing by which something is done including print thing by which something is done, places in the net, letters, emails and so on. We suggest that you Register 5 on-line so that we can send you changes knowledge and knowledge on journey places where one is going.

Assistance on Tour

Please promptly inform your Tour Manager of any grievances that you may have and immediately follow this up by writing to us. This will enable us to promptly rectify all genuine grievances in real time. If you fail to do this, you will be deemed to have acknowledged and accepted the services of the Company in full satisfaction and you shall be deemed to have no grievance or complaint in that regard. You should communicate the grievance to the by adopting any of the following procedures provided that such communication should be made on a working day within working hours: By fax at ******followed by a written communication to our corporate office listed below OR
By email to, followed by a written communication to our registered office listed below OR In writing with a copy marked to the Independent Contractor, at the corporate office of the Company:
Temple Mitra
Noida, Uttar Pradesh -201301
Any complaint made by you must be notified to the Company in writing within 28 days of the end of the tour. No claim notified to the Company outside this period will be entertained and the Company shall incur no liability whatsoever in respect thereof.

Suggestions and Feedback:-

If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding our services then kindly share the same to so that we can improve accordingly.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

On behalf of the persons booked, I / We have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions, Price, Itinerary, Cancellation policy, a copy of each of which has been furnished to me / us. I / We being duly authorized by the said persons do hereby agree and accept the same for self and on behalf of the said persons assuming full responsibility. Customer’s payment made for the services according to the invoice attached at the beginning of this document implies clear acknowledgement & agreement of the terms & conditions above.